A new value proposition for your business:

  • Increase effectiveness and
    customer satisfaction
  • Increase your top line
    by 50%
  • Extend your offer with small
    investment of your time
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5 ways you can
create leverage

  • Leverage your existing Intellectual Property in your training content and courses
  • Leverage your time by providing high impact 121 extended training support or coaching in less than 20 minutes per person, per week
  • Leverage the commitment of your clients and increase their accountability to take consistent action to drive better results
  • Leverage the ability to deliver bite-sized learning at the point of need
  • Leverage an effective mobile system that’s quick & easy for clients on the go

What you will get with GPS Goaltrak software:

no questions

No more questions about the impact of your coaching: GPS Goaltrak captures all of your coaching comments.

Improve retention

By providing follow-up coaching and continuing to offer value, you will improve your retention rates.

stand out

Your ability to offer your clients online coaching will help you stand out from your competitors.

guaranteed results

If goals are inputted on a regular basis, improved performance is guaranteed for your clients.

after years of development, our software enables you, for the first time, to deliver

12 weeks of follow-up coaching in
only 20 minutes per week

Give it a go

You call the shots

We give you the freedom to use GPSgoaltrak in a way that suits your training or coaching business. Clients achieve rapid and sustained results from each of these options:

  • 30 Days, daily goal-setting
  • 12 weeks, weekly goal-setting
  • 12 months, fortnightly goal-setting
  • Forever, monthly goal-setting

Your client's
12 week plan

Each week, client sets themselves up for success. By setting their goals on a Monday, they’ll benefit from your online one-to-one targeted support which puts them on the right track to achieve their objectives. Build new skills and habits for long-term success.

Broaden your learning

Be more than 10%

It’s a widely accepted learning theory that 70% of learning happens on the job, 20% comes from interacting with others and 10% from formal educational events. With GPS Goaltrak, you coach people at their workplace. You add value in the 70% and 20%. Be more than 10%.

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