Value Selling

Published on 24th July 2017 in Sales Skills

What is Value Selling?

Going deep to understand customer needs. You mine for information to identify how your company can create real value for your customer.

The 5 Stages of Value Selling:
1. Prepare for your customer meeting
2. Uncover customer needs
3. Develop the offer
4. Demonstrate the value that you will be providing
5. Negotiate and close the deal

Uncover customer needs

The art is to develop the ability to ask diagnostic questions. Here’s an effective questioning framework:

Value Chain

Below is the classic Value Chain from Michael Porter book Competitive Advantage

Keep Listening

When asking your questions, you must resist the urge to jump in and start talking about your products and solutions. You should only ask follow-up questions that help you to understand more. Keep in listening mode. Once you have gathered all the information and written good quality notes, you’ll need to take time to sift through your newly gained intelligence and work out how you as a company can create the most value. You can’t do this on the fly, take time and arrange a follow-up meeting to share your plans for adding value.


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