I achieved a breakthrough goal in one month
thanks to achieving daily goals and the coaching I
received via GPSgoaltrak.

Gurjit Nagra

Finance Controller, BIC UK

It’s very helpful to know that somebody is giving you
practical support over a period of a few weeks.
GPSgoaltrak made me raise my game, increase my
focus and practice new skills. 

neil armour

National Accounts Manager, BIC UK

GPSgoaltrak really helped me to apply new skills
and get feedback on the job. It’s easy to use.
Overall, the experience improved my productivity.

Mishka Smith

Marketing Manager, BIC UK

I found GPSgoaltrak extremely beneficial. When your
day is busy with many demands, it’s hard to find time
to test and apply new skills. This approach is better
than many I have experienced. 


Senior Sales Account Manager, Shell USA

Through GPSgoaltrak, I got online coaching and it made
a big difference to me. I got a chance to try out skills
from a training workshop and ask questions and get
feedback weeks after the course had ended.

Perry Borum

Sales Manager, Shell USA

The coaching I received via GPSgoaltrak was
fantastic. I loved getting the short videos and articles
to boost my learning. I got a lot out of this online

Lisa Davies

Marketing Manager, Staedtler UK

GPSgoaltrak gave me greater focus on
delivering my daily, short term and long
term goals.

Paul Roughan

Director, AkzoNobel uk


GPSgoaltrak is easy to use. We used it across our
team and the focus and momentum helped us
improve customer satisfaction scores in many of
our stores in just 12 weeks.

Melissa Schilling

Area Manager, KMART USA

After a 3 day workshop, I used GPSgoaltrak to help
me embed the new learning into people’s day to
day activities. My team was spread coast to coast
across the USA. This was a real time saver.


Training Manager, KMART USA

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