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Published on 15th November 2017 in Leadership

What do we mean by Presence in the Virtual World?

We live in a global, digital world, where virtual presence is often the most effective, efficient and convenient way to manage.Virtual presence enables us to align roles and responsibilities, nurture and develop talent and create a sense of belonging, increasing job satisfaction and reducing staff turnover.  Presence in the virtual world is giving the impression that someone is close by. The ability of technology to close the distance between team manager and team members gets continuously better. You might think that the only thing necessary to support virtual presence is technology. That’s an oversimplification. There’s much more to it.

Personal presence – The Virtual You

Everyone who connects to us, chats with us on Skype, sends text messages, reads our e-mails, or sees and hears us online through collaboration tools draws conclusions about who we are, without ever meeting face to face. They measure our character, trustworthiness, personality, sense of humour, likability, communication style, and competence from our ability to communicate online. Most importantly, they develop a perception of our personal virtual brand.
How do you rate ‘The Virtual You’. Is there scope for improvement?

Social Presence – The Virtual Community

The concept of Social Presence takes things a step further. In the corporate world, many organisations use Yammer as way to create communities that can help and learn from each other. Private Facebook groups can provide the same effect but the concern might be that people become sidetracked and end up in their personal Facebook world. Improved social presence has been found to improve trust, conflict resolution interpersonal relationships, and learning in online classes. This is good news for managers of the mobile workforce.
Do you use a social tool ?

Leadership Presence – The Virtual Coach

In today’s global economy with diverse geographical locations and busy schedules, virtual leadership is an effective way to help organisations optimise the performance of their people. As Jim Collins reminded us in his famous book Good to Great, great leaders establish leadership presence by building relationships. A good virtual leader will establish a strong presence to cultivate great relationships.

A successful coach of a geographically dispersed client base will tell you that virtual presence is anot about mastering the Skype type technology, it is very much about reducing the distance—the emotional, psychological, and social distance—between you and your coachee. It is about developing a presence where people feel connected to each other, no matter how many miles separate them. 

Trust in the Virtual World

A virtual coach will establish high trust relationships that enable goal alignment, clarification of roles and responsibilities plus commitments and tracking of progress.

Stephen M.R. Covey believed two behaviours to be particularly important

    1. Clarifying expectations
    2. Practicing accountability

“You need to get your virtual employee to really focus on those two, because the whole premise of the virtual workforce is really based heavily on trust. It is saying that we can get our work done without all necessarily having to be present in the same place to do it. What is required is that there is an element of trust and that there is confidence that people are clear on the expectations and doing the right thing, following through”

Key Steps – how it works

  • The Coach agrees goal themes for the coaching period
  • The coachee sets their daily goals in GPSgoaltrak and accountability increases
  • The Coach offers challenge and support via GoalChat in the system. It works on smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • The Coach sends bitesize tips and tools from their ownt GPSgoaltrak learning library (or the GPsgoaltrak library) to help their team member achieve their goals
  • Team members benefit from the online coaching feedback. All goal based communication is contained within the GPSgoaltrak system.

How GPSgoaltrak helps Online Coaches

GPSgoaltrak enables Virtual Coaches  to be present by

  • Providing a guiding structure to make it easier to clarify expectations
  • Delivering a methodology to increase accountability via increased goal focus
  • Making it quick and easy for busy to provide support, give challenge and offer development for their remote workers

How GPSgoaltrak helps Clients

Team members benefit from

  • Feeling closer to their coach  and having greater clarity on direction and priorities
  • Gaining a sharper focus and increased motivation  to achieve their goals
  • Accelerating their personal development via coaching and bitesized learning   

Evidence of the Benefits

Working with one of the largest Retailers in the USA, our challenge was to embed new skills and desired behaviours in frontline store staff to engage, delight and increase sales. The team leaders and team members were dotted across the map in different store locations. We piloted our virtual  coaching approach and goal-setting system over a period of 3 months.  The results surprised us all. We saw sales to key customers grow by 30% which is why our system was rolled out across America.




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