Once-a-year goals are too batched for the real-time world

Published on 19th October 2017 in Goal Setting

Once-a-year goals are too “batched” for the real-time world

In a public survey Deloitte conducted recently, more than half the executives questioned (58%) believe that their current performance management approach drives neither employee engagement nor high performance. They are in need of something nimbler, real-time, and more individualised—something squarely focused on fuelling performance in the future rather than assessing it in the past. Once-a-year goals are too “batched” for a real-time world, and conversations about year-end ratings are generally less valuable than conversations conducted at the moment about actual performance.

To recognise each person’s performance, you have to be able to see it clearly.

Deloitte’s research into the practices of the best team leaders reveals that they conduct regular check-ins with each team member about near-term work. These brief conversations allow leaders to set expectations for the upcoming week, review priorities, comment on recent work, and provide course correction, coaching, or important new information. The conversations provide clarity regarding what is expected of each team member and why, what great work looks like, and how each can do his or her best work in the upcoming days.

Deloitte’s new approach calls for every team leader to check in with each team member at least once a week. These check-ins are not in addition to the work of a team leader; they are the work of a team leader.

The GPSgoaltrak Mission

GPSgoaltrak makes it easy for people to input 3 daily goals and for their line manager to quickly view and provide guidance, clarity and support. It’s a tool that enables and fosters the habit and behaviour of team leaders and members to have regular, brief goal performance-focussed conversations. Regular attainment of the right Goals drives sustainable Performance which leads to Success. That’s the GPSgoaltrak mission.


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