Influencing with Integrity

Published on 3rd December 2017 in Leadership

8 Influencing Strategies

Influencing with Integrity is a set of 8 basic influencing strategies developed by McKinsey & Company that aim to establish effective buying from stakeholders. Most of us tend to use one or two influencing strategies regardless of the situation or person. These may reflect aspects of our personality, preferences or simply what we learned and which has worked well for us in the past. That is like going to a golf course with only a driver and using it for every shot. Broadening your personal repertoire of approaches can help you become more effective. Influencing with integrity means beginning with honourable intentions and then choosing an approach suited to the person and situation.

Here’s an Example

Consider this scenario. A project manager is running a standardisation initiative across a department for which there are multiple stakeholders. This departmental initiative will introduce considerable change for these stakeholders – who have been accustomed to running their own areas ‘without interference’. They are in different states of ‘buy-in’ to this standardisation initiative. Below are some typical approaches the project manager could use.

How can I apply this?

Start by identifying and mapping your key stakeholders and reflect on what type of influencing strategy may be most effective with each of them. If you do not have a relationship with them you could try to find out through someone who does.

Another option is to actively listen to how the person you are influencing is responding to the proposal or questions being asked. For example, if the person responds with “Give me the facts and data”; their style is likely one of ‘Logical Persuading’. Remember to ask questions to seek understanding.


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