How to write Powerful Goals

Published on 17th June 2017 in Goal Setting

Break down your major goals or key challenges into ROBSMART daily goals
<Relevant, Outcome-Based, Specific, Measurable, Aligned,
Realistic, Time-boxed>

Who is it for?

People who are making the transition from executive to non-executive. If they are accustomed to having a hectic schedule and now find they have more spare time than they are accustomed to – the accelerator will give much-needed structure, and practical support to get them started and build momentum for their transition. The accelerator is also perfect for those who already have a plural career and are struggling to carve out the time to find the next role to add to their portfolio.

Coaching Scope

The accelerator is designed to clarify career goals and provide a support framework to help people take daily steps to achieve their goals. They will build on their strengths, and discover insights about themselves. Their personal goals will guide the exact focus of the Accelerator. For example, they might be supported to overcome procrastination and nail the CV and LinkedIn profile. It could involve preparation for specific job applications or interviews. Or, preparing for their first board meeting as a non-executive director. The coach will nudge and help, offer practical tips but the coachee will have to commit to taking actions.

What can clients expect?

The coach will offer a balance of high challenge and high support and send training resources as appropriate to help people achieve their goals. It all starts with a GROW coaching conversation. They’ll complete a Myers Briggs questionnaire and receive access to a suite of 16 debriefing videos for all profiles that explains each in the context of the boardroom. Armed with the clear goals and insights, the Accelerator moves them forward and provides a discipline and tool to make it easy to break down their task goals and personal development goals into bite-size daily actions. They define their goal steps each day. The coach will be notified and provide comments, challenge, and resources to help then achieve their goals. The Accelerator is a partnership. The commitment of the coach needs to be matched by the commitment of the coached.

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What the Accelerator is not

The Accelerator is not counselling for personal/ psychological problems. Nor is it psychotherapy – dealing with past experiences and offering treatment.

What is the profile of a NED Accelerator Coach?

  • Must hold at least one NED role
  • Have been a senior executive with a minimum 20 years business experience
  • Qualified and adept at using the GROW coaching conversation model
  • Have a passion for coaching and provide evidence of coaching experience
  • Will have to pass a thorough vetting process

What happens at the end of the 30 Days?

All Accelerator alumni will be eligible to join the NED Accelerator Social Learning network where they can continue their development journey and connect with others who have experienced the 30-day Accelerator. They can learn from each other, network and ask questions. Accelerator coaches will moderate this network and further coaching tips and answers to questions will be accessible to the alumni community. New themes will be introduced each fortnight using the slider/ event feature of the platform. 6 themes that will cycle each 3 month period.

Please click link to watch a Social Learning explainer video

Other considerations

Training for Prospective Coaches

In addition to meeting the election criteria, aspiring coaches must be prepared to invest in taking a GROW coaching course (if they have not done one before). This is something that could be developed in-house or outsourced to Performance Consultants International – who run a 2-day GROW course which costs c. £1,500. It will provide consistency and ensure quality of the coaching experience for clients if all NED coaches have undone the same GROW training.  I can provide training on high challenge and high support coaching based upon my daily goals system via workshop or webinar in addition to providing training on how to use the GPSgoaltrak system.

Future Developments

Once the NED Accelerator has proven successful, extend the concept to the other networks e,g, Consultant Accelerator. Develop different coaching emphasis for each of the In Touch Networks, and set different selection criteria for the coaches per network.

Next Steps

This is an exciting opportunity for all parties – aspirating NEDS, coaches, InTouch Network and U Coach Me Ltd. If the concept and ideas resonate, I’d be delighted to develop a more detailed plan – complete with indicative costings.

I look forward to our future collaboration.

Richard Davies


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