How to Ask Great Dream Goal Questions

Published on 23rd December 2017 in Goal Setting

A Transformative Approach

Dedicating quality time to really understand a person’s dream goal is a powerful way to build connection, rapport and engagement. You should be clear, this is not an intellectual exercise. This is about tapping into somebody’s energy, passion and possibility. You should allow at least an hour for a structured Dream Goals conversation. It’s an approach that quickly puts you in touch with what somebody cares about. A dream goal is what somebody is ultimately working towards. It’s their desired future. First, you must seek permission to ask about their dream goal. Explain why you want to know about their dream goal. You must demonstrate that you are genuinely interested and committed to coaching the individual. You must explicitly state that your purpose is to support them in their journey towards their dream goal.

21 Practical Steps

  1. Ask Permission. ‘ Can I ask you an important question. . . .(pause) what’s your Dream Goal?’
  2. This is a deep question and people may need a moment to absorb what you have asked. Be ready to expand upon the question. ‘Please describe your ideal future? What are you ultimately working towards? What do you want to achieve?’
  3. Focus on your listening skills. You need to be an excellent listener to absorb what you learn from asking such a powerful question. Look at any professional interviewer on TV. You have to be ‘present’, attentive, focused and demonstrate that you are really listening. Nod, make affirmative comments and, occasionally repeat back what you have heard to check your understanding and demonstrate that you have listened.
  4. When they have described their Dream Goal. Help them make it more vivid. What does it look like? How will it feel? What are people saying about you
  5. What’s important about this?
  6. What new elements need to be in place? What needs to be different?
  7. People might need further help with this question. Ask: What do you need to change in order progress towards your dream goal ? Further prompt – This could be a behaviour, skill or experience gap that needs to be filled.
  8. Once one new element or change has been identified. Ask: Is there anything else that needs to change or that you need to develop ?
  9. You need to identify at least two areas that need to be changed.
  10. Bring it back to current Reality. ‘So, what’s do you that you want to change now?
  11. How great is your concern about this?
  12. What is really the issue here? What do you need to stop tolerating and do something about?
  13. What action steps have you taken so far?
  14.  What are the different ways you could approach this issue ?
  15.  What else could you do ?
  16. If you (as coach) have a suggestion, Ask for permission. Could I suggest something?
  17. What will you do as a next step?
  18. When will you take it?
  19. What can I do to support you?
  20. What commitment on a scale of 1-10 do you have to take these agreed actions? What prevents this from being a 10?
  21. Is there anything else you want to say before we finish?


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