Goals, Challenge & Support

Published on 1st May 2018 in Goal Setting

The Balancing Act

Goals should be challenging. Most people enjoy a challenge, being stretched just that bit further. It’s good for morale, for engendering trust and as a basis for reward. But challenge must always be accompanied by appropriate levels of support to create high performance.

Challenge & Support

Take a good look at the below illustration which shows the link between challenge, support and high performance.

Look at the dotted line that shows the path from ‘Comfy’ to ‘High Performance’.
Can you plot where each of your team currently sits with their level of challenge and the level of support they are receiving?

They key here is how your team members perceive the levels of challenge and support, not you.

eople become propelled by the daily goal setting process. This approach is at the heart of GPSgoaltrak. Don’t forget to encourage your team members to define personal development goals to enhance their individual skills, knowledge and expertise. This will encourage their development and enhance both engagement and loyalty.

To recap the main point of this article; you need to balance this equation

Daily Challenge + Support = High Performance

Challenge –Encourage your team members to challenge themselves each day & offer nudges via GPSgoaltrak to sharpen, improve and challenge their goals.

Support – Offer support via (i) Goalchat, (ii) Frequent goal-focused discussions and (iii) Brainfood from the GPSgoaltrak media library (short articles and videos).

High Performance – If your team members are propelled by the 3 goals a day challenge and supported in GPSgoaltrak, they will be on the path to high performance.


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