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Published on 15th August 2017 in Productivity

Does this sound familiar?

It’s 8:00 am on Monday. You start the day with the best of intentions. You have a to-do list and you know what you need to accomplish.
>>Fast forward.
It’s 5 pm. You can’t understand it. You’ve not managed to complete ANYTHING on your list. If only you could stop all the interruptions and get more done.

How can you prevent this?

  1. Are you your own worst enemy? Did you welcome the distractions? Do you stop everything and immediately direct your attention to the new challenge that came to your desk? Stop. Ask them what the real deadline is. Agree a time that works for you and their deadline. Ask them to jot down some bullet points to scope out their request.
  2. Ensure people understand how busy you are and appreciate the benefits of your work. If others appreciate this, they should be less likely to interrupt you with those quick or small requests.
  3. Who is causing the interruptions? There are several types of time bandit.
    • The Indecisive one: who causes rework since they keep changing their mind
    • The Unreliable one: who commits to doing something and then doesn’t deliver or produces something completely different
    • The Needy one: who keeps asking for your advice for things that are actually their own responsibility
    • • The Chatty one: who pops in without a specific reason and talks about a wide range of topics when they had only intended to say ‘good morning’

How to deal with these time assassins

  • The Indecisive One. When they come up with a new project, don’t just accept it. Ask them why this is a good idea & how does it fit in with other decisions? Get them to frame this new idea.
  • The Unreliable One. Be very specific with your requests. Check they understand and know how to complete it. What are their priorities and motivations? Understand how your request fits with their world.
  • The Chatty One. Say “I’d love to chat so let’s do this at lunchtime.” Turn to your desk and say, “Ah well, back to work


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