Daily Goals Success Formula

Published on 13th February 2018 in Goal Setting

Why relevant Daily Goals?

As you master how to write relevant daily goals, you will discover a direct route to success. How? Break down your major goals or key challenges into ROB-SMART daily goals <Relevant, Outcome-Based, Specific, Measurable, Aligned, Realistic, Time-boxed>.
Your daily goals direct your daily actions. GPS Goaltrak, helps you consistently complete your relevant daily Goals and generate results, drive Performance and achieve Success. The discipline of achieving something every day towards a major goal enables you to develop and maintain momentum, build confidence and create a positive sense of urgency. Daily goal writing stimulates your mind and makes you more alert. Daily completion of highly relevant goals increases your determination and gives you energy.

Relevant Daily Goals
Check if your goal is relevant to your job. Will it be a step towards the completion of an appraisal target for the year? Can you see the link to the accountabilities in your job description? If not, challenge yourself -why are you thinking about doing this? Is it the right goal?

Outcome Based Daily Goals
Write down and focus on what you need to achieve, not what you are going to do in order to achieve your goal. For example:

Example 1: “Generate two new qualified sales leads from new prospects today’
‘Make 30 more sales calls.’
Example 2: ’Make sure everyone is using the XYZ process by 1st September’,
instead of
‘Raise profile of the XYZ process’

“Make 30 sales calls” describes a process, not an outcome, For your three daily goals, make sure each one describes what you need to achieve and not the process you will be following.

Specific Daily Goals
State exactly what you need to achieve. Use specific language when writing your goals. If you use any words such as ‘improve, better, more’ – you need to extend your sentence to spell out specifically what you want to achieve.

Improve – specify a measurable improvement
Better – specify how much better
More – specify how much more
Less – specify how much less
Feel – specify what you will feel
Wish – state what will happen

Measurable Daily Goals
If you can’t measure it, the objective is not yet well enough defined. A good check is to notice which of your five senses you will be using to measure your success. What will you be able to see, feel, hear, touch, smell that is a measurable difference? Another way to define a measure for your goal is to ask yourself: ‘Why am I doing this? Keep asking WHY until you can define a measure for what you need to achieve.

Aligned Daily Goals
Your goals must be aligned to the ‘purpose’ of your role and relevant to the objectives of your team and organisation. Does your goal align to the overall goals of your colleagues, function or organisation? Does it assist your team in achieving its aims?

Realistic Daily Goals
When you time box your daily goals, you should make a realistic estimate of the time required to complete the goal. If you feel that each of your goals combined would take the entire day then you need to re-write your goals. You can’t schedule the whole day for your three goals. You need to allow time for routine tasks, recurring meetings, unexpected urgent and important requests that you’ll simply need to accommodate.

Time box daily Goals
Make appointments with yourself to concentrate and complete each of your three daily goals. Prioritise your time and create slots in Outlook or your calendar. Schedule the more demanding goals in the morning when you are fresher. It’s important to defend your time. Otherwise, a host of interruptions will prevent you from completing your daily goals. There’s no point in writing quality relevant goals if you don’t devote time to completing them. Many people allow themselves to become sidetracked.

Finally, avoid Daily Goal Traps
If you have any of the below words or phrases in a goal, you probably need to rewrite it. These words lead to vague goals that cannot be measured. Use the WHY test. ‘Why am I doing this? Keep asking WHY until you can define a measure for the goal.

  • Liaise with, or Support
  • Develop a relationship with.
  • Contribute to
  • Read
  • Communicate
  • Represent


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