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25 Alternatives to “Can I help you?”

The importance of the human touch
We live in an increasingly digital world where shopping can be done in a click. It’s essential to give people a reason to visit a retail store and the big draw is the…

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Published on 23rd April 2018 in Sales Skills

Webinars – 5 Whys, 10 Steps, 20 Tips

5 Reasons why businesses run Webinars
1. Webinars play a role in every step of the buying cycle
Webinars have emerged as one of the most powerful tools…

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Published on 24th March 2018 in Sales Skills

Value Selling

What is Value Selling?
Going deep to understand customer needs. You mine for information to identify how your company can create real value for your customer.

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Published on 24th July 2017 in Sales Skills


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