The Heart of our system

GPS Goaltrak was created to embed
workshop training into the workplace through:

An effective goal setting methodology, designed to speed up the application of new skills and behaviours learnt
on training courses

An online structure for
personal support between
trainer/coach and client

The ability to deliver bite-sized learning at the point of need to
re-inforce workshop training

Who created GPS Goaltrak?

Richard Davies is the Founder of GPS Goaltrak and has 25 years experience in performance management. For the last 20 years he ran virtual teams, first for Kellogg’s and then for Shell. During this time, he was responsible for the training and development of 500,000+ employees dispersed across 43,000 petrol stations in 62 countries. All from his home office in the north of England.

Despite the obvious geographic limitations, the biggest challenge he faced was being able to check-in regularly with each team member to align goals, clarify expectations and provide the necessary training and support. He found it difficult to coach and embed new skills with traditional approaches.


Our Learning & Development Consultant

Julia Felton is a dynamic leadership and strategic business professional who has a passion for business improvement from a people and process perspective. A pioneer in the area of Big Data, having developed the first ever online business intelligence tools for the hospitality industry, Julia understands the challenges and pitfalls of developing a technology platform, whilst also being very aware of the customer journey and how the technology needs to work for all stakeholders to be truly effective.

During her 15+ years working for companies like Andersen and Deloitte nothing frustrated Julia more than all the wasted time, energy and resources she witnessed as teams didn’t share knowledge and learning was not implemented. GPSGoalTrak provides a platform to help trainers and coaches embed the learning whilst holding team members accountable for their action. The result is an impressive ROI for all parties.

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