3-Goal Daily Achievement

Published on 23rd April 2018 in Leadership

3-Goal Daily Achievement Revealed
Three different types of goal

  1. Breakthrough Goal
    A breakthrough goal is a BIG GOAL. It’s something you’d put at the top of your appraisal document for the year ahead. It is one of your main goals for the year. It will create the biggest value and make the most impact. It’s likely to be demanding, difficult or complex. It is a goal that will make you immensely proud once achieved.
    A proven way to achieve such BREAKTHROUGH goals is to set daily concrete steps to build your way to success. Bdown your BIG breakthrough goal into:
  • Specific
  • Actionable goal steps
  • That you can realistically accomplish within a day.
  1. Key Goal
    The Key Goal is something important for this month or quarter. It would not make as big a headline as the breakthrough goal, but it’s still very important for you and the business. It’s probably more ‘routine’ than a Breakthrough goal, but it’s still something that might take persistent effort over some days and weeks to achieve. Again, the best approach to achieving your Key Goal is to set daily concrete steps to build your way to success. Setting daily goals focuses your efforts. You then need to schedule time in the day. It might only be an hour, but as you become more experienced, you quickly develop a feeling for how much time you actually need for each of your 3 daily goals.
  2. The Reluctant Goal
    Becoming sidetracked is not a trivial matter- it undermines performance and hampers delivery. In her 2013 book, ‘Sidetracked’, behavioural scientist Professor Francesca Gino, of Harvard Business School, explored the unexpected forces that keep people from following through with their plans. She concluded that three different sets of forces influence our decisions in ways we commonly fail to anticipate:
  1. Forces from within ourselves
  2. Forces from our relationships with others
  3. Forces from the outside world

Be honest, do you sometimes find your day is being ruled by your Inbox?People often welcome the opportunity to become sidetracked when they face tasks that are difficult, tedious and unwelcome.Or, you might be procrastinating about something that you’ve not done before and are simply uncertain how to tackle it.Research has shown that goal setting helps people structure their work and avoid becoming distracted. That’s why GPS goaltrak introduces the discipline of the Reluctant goal. This reframes a ‘chore’ as a GOAL. Again, you can chunk this down into daily manageable steps. Next, schedule time to complete it within the day. In some cases, you don’t need to break this type of goal into micro steps. With focused effort, you can comfortably nail a whole Reluctant Goal within just part of one day!

What about the rest of your daily demands?
Each day, you will have many other commitments. For example; recurring meetings, travel, smaller to-do items, phone calls, email. There will also be those unexpected urgent requests. You will still need to cater for many of these activities. In time, assisted by nuggets from GPS goaltrak, you’ll discover strategies to reduce these.

When writing and allocating time for each of your 3 daily goals, you’ll need to take these factors into account. The art is to define REALISTIC goal steps that you can achieve within part of your day. This means you can’t allocate the whole day to your goals. You know better than anyone how much time you can dedicate to 3-goal achievement. This will vary each day.

The challenge is to create as much time as you can and protect it. Once you experience the flow of 3-goal daily achievement you’ll quickly get into the groove and enjoy boosted performance and success.


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