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As trainers, we know that one of the biggest challenges we face is maintaining momentum once the training has finished. GPS Goaltrak enables you to deliver the follow-up support required to retain the value of your training.

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Countless studies show, that one of the main reasons why clients don't ask coaches and trainers back for repeat business is that once the sessions have finished, without followup coaching, they don’t continue to see a big enough impact on their business. We know this is mainly due to the expensive and difficult follow-up process required afterwards to continue the momentum.

After years of development, our software enables you, for the first time, to deliver

12 weeks of follow-up coaching in
only 20 minutes per week

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How it Works

GPS Goaltrak
software will:

  • Stop your clients questioning the value and impact of coaching
  • Improve your retention rates
  • Enable you to offer something your competition can’t
  • Provide powerful bite-size coaching tips that guarantee results!
What else can it do?

What you'll get:

Proven one-to-one goal setting
and coaching tools

Tailored training videos
and support

Extensive learning library of
small bite-sized chunks

Powerful marketing materials
and sales scripts

Setting up the software couldn’t be easier, as we manage everything for you

So you can start providing added value from day
one with follow-up coaching to your clients

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If you are interested in GPS Goaltrak software or have any questions about how it works, then please do not hesitate to get in touch using the following contact form.

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