We grow your frontline, 
to deliver your
bottom line

  • Drive sales, footfall and profitability
  • Create alignment and goal focus to achieve your priority KPIs
  • Engage & Educate your frontline teams to focus on customer needs and priorities - without them having to leave the shop floor
  • Embed new skills and behaviours to deliver Memorable Moments for your customers
Our mission is to help our clients realise the full potential of their people, make sustainable improvements to their performance and achieve their most important goals -wherever they are in the world

Evidence in Action

Working with Kmart, one of the largest Retailers in the USA, we installed GPSgoaltrak, our virtual performance environment.

It's the engine that drives our coaching approach and goal-setting methodology.

We embedded new skills and behaviours in front-line store staff to increase sales by engaging and delighting customers.

Outcome  30% growth in sales to key customers


Richard Davies

Virtual Team Expert

Richard has over 20 years’ experience of leading virtual teams. First at Kellogg’s, then Shell Retail, training 500,000 people across 43,000 Petrol stations in 62 countries, Richard developed programmes delivering exceptional customer delight across a diverse workforce. Richard specialises in developing virtual environments that foster growth. An expert in goal activation in the workplace, he establishes in-house systems that drive lasting performance to create competitive advantage and drive revenue.

The Problem

How can you ensure your frontline workforce deliver a great customer experience that will delight customers, foster loyalty and maximise sales
with every customer,
every day?

Our solution is...


A virtual performance environment

It's the engine that will...


  • Harness untapped potential
  • Improve alignment, goal focus and customer service
  • Ignite a Coaching and  Learning Culture
  • Make on-line coaching and goal tracking part of your corporate DNA
  • Deliver bite-size learning at the point of need
  • Enable your people to learn from each other

    All from the shop floor

What's the benefit for me?

I'm a Retail Divisional Manager

  • Develop your workers on the job without them having to leave the shop floor
  • Improve alignment. A simple and effective tool to align your team
  • Become a better coach 'on-line'. Balance support and challenge to your team
  • Increase accountability in your team - via them setting visibly aligned goals
  • Get a better understanding of how your team sets and achieves goals

I Work in a Retail Store

  • Learn how to set powerful goals that will help you achieve more
  • Become more productive thanks to on-line coaching and bite-sized learning
  • Feel closer to your team leader
  • Get greater clarity on direction & priorities
  • Become more motivated to achieve your goals
  • Learn and develop new skills without even leaving the shop floor

I Work in Learning & Development

  • Embed new skills and behaviours in the workforce
  • Create a Coaching Culture in frontline managers
  • Create a Learning Culture in frontline employees
  • Make the 70:20:10 Learning Theory happen in practice
  • Get evidence of how Learning benefits the bottom line
Our Services Bronze Silver Gold


on  personal effectiveness for virtual team leaders and our powerful goals methodology 


for your virtual team to communicate, collaborate, and share high-performance habits


in our Coaching Methodology for effective virtual team leaders. 



for your team on the GPSgoaltrak system



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GPSgoaltrak has fundamentally improved our KPI experience.  It’s easy to use, automatically provides your teams with a clear focus on driving results for your business.  I moved the needle on pretty much every KPI that out Stores focused on.

Melissa Schilling,
District Manager, Kmart, USA


GPSgoaltrak gave me greater focus on delivering my daily, short term and long term goals. It’s also been really beneficial cascading this down to my team and they are seeing the benefits.

Paul Roughan,
Director AkzoNobel, UK

Who we help

We Believe

Your Business grows when your people grow

The best way to develop people is for team leaders to provide regular high challenge / high support coaching combined with targeted bite-size learning that can be 'consumed' on the go and applied on the job

The route to sustained high performance is to set and achieve aligned, outcome-based goals on a regular basis

Virtual Managers can be highly effective and bridge the physical distance from their team - if they have the right methodology and tools

We'd like to help your frontline deliver your bottom line

We have a proposal for the first step

We'd like you to enjoy the same benefits our customers enjoy

  • Increase alignment and clarity on goals
  • Improve business results driven by better customer service
  • Enhance job satisfaction as people achieve more
  • Be an H2H business – human to human
  • Grow your People to Grow Business

A Diagnostic Review and Report


Book Your Diagnostic

We issue a Health Check Questionnaire on Goal-Setting and Customer Service

  • Anonymous Pulse Survey – sent to up to 5 colleagues at different levels and functions in the organisation

    Topics Include:
    Goal alignment: 
    Individual Clarity on Priorities
    Accountability – ownership for providing customer service

  • Our experts review the questionnaire responses
  • We create a report and share our observations and recommendations in an interactive 30 min video conference